Alternative & Renewable Energy

Bullard Brothers, Inc. is always trying to stay involved in renewable and alternative energy projects because we believe that technology can make a difference. Whether the concern is global warming, changing climates, or energy independence, there are many ways that we can reduce our carbon footprint and our dependence on fossil fuels.

In recent years Bullard Brothers, Inc. has dedicated a lot of time and effort to the research and development of many different solar PV, solar thermal, geothermal, biofuel, combined heat and power, and energy storage technologies that we feel can make a difference in the way we harness and use our energy resources. European companies seem to have a bit of a head start on the USA because they have been faced with high energy costs for decades, and for that reason, we have sought out and partnered with many of these companies that offer innovative solutions that can be applied right here in Michigan. But, because shipping costs can sometimes be counterproductive, our product portfolio also includes many products made right here in the USA.








Bullard Brothers, Inc has had the opportunity to provide controls design, hydronics system design, and engineering and installation support for the project at Firekeepers Casino and Hotel in Battle Creek, Michigan. This application includes Solar PV, Hybrid Solar Thermal/PV Modules (PV-T), Heat Pump technology, and Azimuth Tracking that follows the sun throughout the day. The system provides approximately 112,000 watts of electrical power and nearly a half million BTU per hour of thermal energy to the new hotel.

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Solar PV

In standard PV modules, Bullard Brothers, Inc. installs panels manufactured by SolarWorld, the largest solar cell producer in the world. Coupled with SolarEdge inverters or Enphase micro-inverters, this combination provides one of the most efficient ways to collect and utilize the power of the sun for electrical energy needs. For our customers seeking off-grid or tiered-rate solutions, we can offer energy storage solutions that are safe, eco-friendly and work well with our standby generator systems for charging the batteries if the sun doesn’t shine for more than a few days.

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Solar Thermal

We also offer an innovative solar thermal collector that is based on evacuated tube technology, but uses air as a thermal medium. The advantages to this approach include, no freezing, no overheating, and none of the leaking problems that can sometimes be associated with liquid based solar thermal collector systems. These collectors come with a 25-year warranty that is unmatched anywhere in the industry.


3 Collector energy production: 6130 kW Completely self-sustained, powered by 1 PV Module! Current temperatures can be viewed live on:

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Taking advantage of the sun’s natural warming of the earth and efficiently using this warmth to heat and cool our homes is a technology that has been around a long time, but keeps getting more efficient every day. New inverter and controls innovations offer energy solutions with heat pumps that weren’t possible, even a few years ago. Bullard Brothers, Inc. chooses to install heat pumps manufactured in Spain by ECOFOREST. They offer a full range of solutions from 3KW to 100KW and can be either ground source or air source. We have even utilized these products in systems with only a solar thermal collector source.

Our Dealer arrangement gives us access to their full engineering staff and we can adjust specifications and programming as necessary to meet any application demand. Please see our Information Pages to the right for more information.

Bullard Brothers, Inc. is very excited to be a part of these bold ventures. Please Contact Us for more information.